We Believe In Exceptional Quality and Style 

Versaguna is a well known and leading company in Indonesia that provides the highest quality and beautifully designed furniture and accessories for Hotels & Restaurants around the world. Here at Versaguna (Hospitality Division) our products range from bathroom accessories, room accessories  to furniture (chairs, sofa, tables, & built-in furniture). 

Our products are produced with high quality and unique materials and designed for each specific client's needs which will reflect our client's concept, image, identity and experience. From our website, as you can see that we work with variety of materials. For example, wood, marble, metal, brass, stainless steel, resin, acrylic, synthetic leather, mother of pearls, coco shell, solid surface, and other materials. We have worked these materials for many years, therefor we have gained deep understanding of each material. Our customers do not need to spend too much time and energy to work with many different material suppliers any more. We want our customers to use his/her time for other more important matter in a hotel project. All our clients are so happy to work with us. Because we are like a one stop shopping for her/his hotel accessories and furniture needs. We are professional and the quality of our products is high.   

In addition to hotel accessories, we are also very well known for both loose furniture and built-in furniture manufacturer. Our furniture team consist of 

- Project Managers (Our project manager will make sure each project is managed professionally, he will make sure the information/drawings/specifications are communicated and distributed well across the teams,  he will make sure the project is on scheduled, and lastly no miscommunication between clients and our team.)

- Field Supervisor (Our years of experienced Field Supervisor will make sure all the built-in furniture installation is properly installed at site, all issues and requests in the field are handled well, he also makes sure there is a good coordination among other contractors. Since he is always there at the field during the project is on progress, he can take any request from a client quickly)

- Designers (Our creative designers will design beautiful products for our clients. He/she will also produce shop drawings. he/she will make sure that all requests from the clients have been reflected on the renderings and shop drawings. Once the shop drawings are approved, then we will continue with samples or production.

- Quality Assurance & Technical Manager (Our technical manager will ensure all construction issue has been solved at the earlier stage before production and he will make sure the quality is at the highest level possible before any delivery to the clients.  

Whether you have a small request as small as a soap dish, or you have a big project such as built-in furniture project, please feel to contact us.

Thank you.


We do custom 

One of the advantage in doing business with us is we are flexible ! We can custom produce products with your own design, sizes, logo, colors, and materials. Because we understand that sometimes you already have a design consultant and you just need someone to produce the design for you. We can work this way, no problem. We have worked with many hotel owners, interior designers, hotel managements and consultants in the same situation. We believe that a successful concept begin with understanding of customer's needs and wants. We work with our client closely to produce their accessories and furniture tailored to client's needs, budget and schedule. If you have any request at all, whether it is a small accessory inquiry, loose furniture, or built-in interior work, please give us a call or write to us. 

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To summarize what we do : 

- Custom Furniture

- Custom Accessories

- Built-in Furniture (Fixed Furniture) 

- Hotel Interior Contractor

- You can also choose products from our exclusive catalog.