Deep understanding about variety of materials

Using unique materials is one of the important factor in designing beautiful product. Finding the right supplier who can produce product with specific material can time consuming and difficult, especially a contractor who has a lack of understanding about quality and material property. Here at Versaguna, we have long developed knowledge and understanding about materials for instance : wood, metal, resin, synthetic leather, real leather, stingray, bones, horn, rattan, synthetic rattan, marbles, natural fibers, mother of pearl, coco shell, acrylic, glass, etc. We have worked with these materials on many different products/projects for years. We know the pain and headache that you have gone through if you have to work with multiple vendors on a project. Because coordination can be very tough. Blaming game on a mistake among contractors is another big headache. Quality issue is another big problem. But here at versaguna, we are like a one stop solution for all your needs, therefor you don't need to work with many multiple vendors to complete a project or a product. You just need to work with 1 contractor/supplier which is Versaguna, your reliable hotel interior contractor.