Plan - Design - Build

Our technical and design team are loaded with tons of experience and expertise in furniture and accessories manufacturing and design skills in hotel project. A lot of times, you only got an image from your design consultant, an image that has no dimension and no specification. For a company that does not have design skills and technical skills, that supplier will have a hard time to make a drawing into real product. Mistake after a mistake and revision after a revision are issues that you are facing usually when working with inexperience supplier/contractor. Not to mentioned, time and money has been wasted. At Versaguna, we have engineers and designers who can understand every detail of your design and technical requirements. Our team know how to make CAD drawing and we know technical & construction aspect of it. Before we produce any product for you, our drafter will produce a shop drawing based on your design specification. We not only know how to produce products with high quality, but we also how how to make a beautiful product. With just an image, our designers can translate the jpg image into a shop drawing with the right look and feel. Therefor we do not need to go back and forth to make too many revisions. The sample that we show to you will resemble your expected design. Save time, energy and money. After all, you still have many things to work on in a hotel project. You can leave the heavy lifting and hard work to us, and you can take care of other more important things. 

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