Beautiful & High Quality 


Versaguna is number 1 and leading company in Indonesia that provides the highest quality and beautifully designed furniture and accessories for Hotels & Restaurants around the world. Here at Versaguna (Hospitality Division) our products range from bathroom accessories, room accessories to furniture (chairs, sofa, tables, & built-in furniture). Our products are produced with high quality with unique materials and we can design for each specific client's needs to our client's design intention and specification. We work with variety of materials. For example, wood, marble, metal, brass, stainless steel, resin, ceramic, bone, acrylic, rattan, synthetic leather, mother of pearls, coco shell, solid surface, and other exotic materials. We have worked these materials to produce accessories and furniture for many years, therefor we have gained deep understanding of each material. Our customers do not need to spend too much time and energy to work with many different material suppliers any more. We want our customers to use his/her time for other more important matter in a hotel project. All our clients are so happy to work with us. Because we are like a one stop shopping for her/his hotel accessories and furniture needs.

We have produced so many products for major international hotels. To list them all here, it will be just too long.  But just to name a few of accessories that we produced for hotels : Tissue cover, waste basket, amenity tray, soap dish, lotion dispenser, minibar tray, valet stand, hanger, jewelry tray, note pad holder, phone valet, directory holder, shoe horn, shoe tree, shoe, coat brush, directory holder, luggage rack, mirrors, lighting, spa accessories and etc. Beside accessories, we have produced furniture, such as : chairs, upholstered chair, arm chair, sofas, chaise lounge chair, tables, side tables, coffee tables, receptionist desk, and fixed/built-in furniture for hotels.  All custom ! 

We are professional, reliable, the quality of our products is high. We have years of experience in hotel projects, therefor we have gained high reputation in 5 star hotel industry.